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The California Legacy Project - Health & Condition Report
 Health & Condition Report
  Initial Assessment of the Health and Condition of California's Lands and Natural Resources 2002

The Health & Condition Report is provided for download in Adobe Acrobat(pdf) format. Click here to download the free Acrobat Reader program.

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Executive Summary

Because the Health & Condition Report is a large document containing many high resolution map graphics, it is not practical to offer it as a single file download. Choose the option presented below which best suits your needs.


Option 1.  Final Health and Condition Report(4.5Meg PDF low resolution graphics)
A complete report with low resolution map graphics. Choose this option if you would like to read the entire report, but do not need to print or closely inspect the map graphics.

Option 2.  Final Health and Condition Report(314K PDF text only)
The report with map graphics removed, but with links to higher resolution map graphics for quick download. Choose this option if you want to read the report and inspect the higher resolution map graphics separately as needed.

Option 3.  Individual Higher Resolution Maps
Choose this option to download and view or print a particular map graphic at higher resolution. Note: Some maps may be too large for viewing in the Acrobat browser plugin. If you have difficulty, save them to your local drive and then open them with Adobe Acrobat Reader outside of your browser environment.

Figure 1 Land Cover and Habitats
Figure 4 Special-status Plants
Figure 5 Special-status Animals
Figure 6 Central Valley (1873)
Figure 7 Projected Urban Growth and Housing Density - Statewide
Figure 8 Projected Urban Growth and Housing Density - CURBA modeling area only
Figure 9 Road Density
Figure 10 Public and Conservation Lands
Figure 11 Conservation Planning
Figure 12 Forest and Woodlands
Figure 13 2000 Timber Harvest Volume
Figure 14 Changes in Forest Cover
Figure 15 Causes of change in Forest Cover
Figure 16 Causes of change in Forest Cover - Data Close-up
Figure 17 Timber Production Zones
Figure 18 Important Farmlands (1998)
Figure 19 2001 Gross Value of Agricultural Production
Figure 20 Irrigated Farmland Conversion (1988-1998)
Figure 21 1988 to 1998 Irrigated Farmland Conversion to Other
Land Uses Percent Change
Figure 22 1988 to 1998 Sources of Urban Lands
Figure 23 Williamson Act Enrollments and California Farmland Conservancy Program (CFCP) Agricultural Easements

Option 4. If downloading this report and all of its graphics is too cumbersome, the Legacy Project can send you a CD version of the Health & Condition report. Email us with your mailing address information.

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